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Foller.me API Documentation


Note: Foller.me has moved to Google App Engine (22 Nov 2010), most of the API is working fine, but some minor parts may be missing. We will fix those asap.


Welcome to the Foller.me Public API. We're really looking forward to all the plugins and widgets you create using our API and hopefully (with your help & support) improve it over the next few months. The fist version of the API is up and running and it's pretty basic. We work with the REST protocol and the calls are unsigned, no auth, no API key (not just yet, until we get too much spam).


Response formats

  • JSON



  • Recent topics
  • Recent #hashtags
  • Recent @mentions


Here's the general request format: http://api.foller.me/{who}/{what}.{format} where {who} is the screen name of the person you're querying, {what} is either topics, hashtags or mentions or all (to output all three clouds) and {format } is the response format - either json or xhtml. Pretty straightforward ;) Go ahead and try browsing to: http://api.foller.me/kovshenin/topics.xhtml or perhaps http://api.foller.me/kovshenin/hashtags.json


There's also an option to exclude some entries from the cloud: http://api.foller.me/kovshenin/topics.xhtml?exclude=wordpress,kovshenin,foller like that.


There's an issue when trying to exclude hashtags from the cloud. You probaboy know that the hash symbol (#) is used for bookmarking in the hypertext markup language, so example.org/topics/#follerme will direct you to example.org/topics/ and then search for a bookmark called "follerme" on the page (an anchor). Thus, all you have to do is omit the hash symbol when excluding hashtags, so "#follerme" becomes "follerme" and "#wordpress" becomes "wordpress". Like this: http://api.foller.me/kovshenin/hashtags.xhtml?exclude=wordpress will exclude the #wordpress hashtag from the list.




If you're working with the JSON format, and don't want to render the clouds (convert popularity to font-size) yourself, we can do that for you. Add a render parameter to your query, like this: http://api.foller.me/kovshenin/topics.json?render - you'll get the font-size for each term.


Font sizes are now configurable too via request parameters - font_min and font_max, like this: http://api.foller.me/kovshenin/mentions.xhtml?font_min=10&font_max=20 defaults to 12 and 30.


It's not too complicated yet and we hope to keep it this way. After all, the Twitter API is pretty simple too! Anyways, if you're a developer and have used the Foller.me API in any of your apps, make sure you contact us. We'll be building up a list of apps that use the Foller.me API right here and we'll make sure you, as a developer, get featured on our blog.


Good luck and happy coding!


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